Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope


This bold & bright design captures close up beauty of Mother Nature at her very best; stunning flowers to brighten your room, that won’t wilt or fade!

All of these flowers were photographed in and around Windsor, Eton, Dorney and the Great Park. This collection was originally commissioned for a lady who adored flowers, but who was undergoing medical treatment which prevented her from enjoying real bouquets of flowers at the time. Her friend wanted her have some floral beauty to cheer her up and motivate her along… Hence the poignant message “Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope”. Can you spot the butterfly? And the two glimpse of Windsor Castle? Since then it has been one of my bestsellers, and shipped all round the world.

These stunning pink, purples, yellows and greens suit a black or white frame best, and hangs really well with other frames in our collection. Personalised messages can be added to the reverse of this frame, for an extra special gifting touch.

Dimensions 47 × 35 cm
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